Home Based Care - Q2 2018

Post date: Jun 25, 2018 9:30:27 AM

After a short summer break in December the HBC team has already done all their new year’s visits in January together with the daily home visits. Some people may ask how do we get the patients. Most patients come to us. HBC is well known in the areas of F4 and F2 and Mushate village. But the HBC team also do door-to-door, which means if the team has visit all the patients in the area in the week, they go from door-to-door and ask if some people need hep or know of people who need help.

In November the HBC team held a social event, that was sponsored by the SA Guide-dog Association for the blind. We learned a lot in a fun way. In partners of 2 (one blind and the other can see) they taught us how to guide a blind person in the street, around corners on steps and into a building and into a car. It gave us a lot of insight into the daily life of the blind. We ended the day with a BBQ. The day was a great success and we enjoyed it immensely.

On World Aids day (1 December 2017) the HBC team held a candle ceremony in memory of all the patients and family we lost due to HIV/Aids. This was a very emotional event, but Pastor John Mahlangu gave through the reading of the scripture and preaching comfort. A patient gave a testimony of her recovery and thank Khothatsong for all the help the team gave her. We ended the ceremony with refreshments.

Just before HBC closed their doors for the summer holiday, a local farmer Langplaas, donated vegetables for all the patients in need for Christmas. This was greatly appreciated! We also want to thank all the donors for all the clothing that was sponsored the last few months.

Our new Carer, Fransinah Mabona, is settling in very good and has a good relationship with her co-workers and with the patients. She is an open and friendly person. Also new on our team is Mrs Marjanne De Wit. She started at the beginning of February and is helping the Group for young male addicts as a Social worker. This group consist of young men addicted to NJope. It is highly addictive and can be smoked, sniffed and injected. The attendance of the young men varies, but the plan for the coming months is firstly that they can build a trust relationship with Marjanne and then start a project to teach them a new skill. One of Carers, Valentia Mamsi, is pregnant and her baby is due in April.

In the last few months we admitted 3 patients with severe ringworms. HIV patients usually prone to skin diseases due to secondary infections. The patients did not receive the right treatment from the clinic, one patient was even sent away- they said they can’t help her. But through the help of our Volunteer Doctor, we can administer the right medication and ointments.

Something that is rarely seen is TB of the Abdomen. But HBC has 2 patients struggling with it. It is very difficult to diagnose, and our patients was several times misdiagnosed by the clinic. Both were hospitalised, where they were diagnosed. TB of the Abdomen symptoms are severe stomach ache, indigestion, constipation, loss of appetite. But the treatment is the same as with a normal TB of the lungs. But these patients struggle to gain weight. But slowly but surely, they are starting to gain strength, to do their daily activities, with the right food and supplements. One of these patients has given her heart to Jesus, through the preaching of John, and the work of the Holy Spirit. She is now attending the church in F4.