Home Based Care - Nov 2017

Post date: Jan 24, 2018 7:17:20 PM

During the last 6 months, the HBC did 1546 home visits. The HBC has currently 90 patients that we visit. 60 of them are HIV +, 5 stroke patients and 3 diabetics. During the winter months 6 patients died.

HBC has currently several young patients, born with HIV. These young patients endure poor health through their adolescence, because of growth spurt and hormone changes, accompanied with poor diet, causes secondary infections to proliferate. Currently we have a 16-year-old boy, diagnosed with HIV from birth, but due to a low immune system, his body is fighting against various secondary infections. Tb was also diagnosed. Due to his bedridden state, bedsores develop. Special education was given to the family to take care of him. Fortunately, he can still eat. The carers visit him every day to bath him and care for the bedsores. We ask your prayers for this young boy and his family, also for all our young patients, that we may find them in time and encourage them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Through the years we admit patients and discharge them as their health improve, sometimes HBC admit them again. A view years ago there was a severely burned patient admitted, through the grace of God and lot of hard work form the HBC team, she recovered, but, unfortunately, she passed away last week, due to flu.

We also have patient that is blind due to Glaucoma. She lives alone, and was struggling to cope alone. HBC contacted the Association for Blind people, and they came and see her. They also taught her to walk with the White cane. She is so proud of her new ability to be independent, even going to clinic without assistance.

We have been blessed with healthy staff, but time to time they also become sick. At one stage, the HBC were understaffed due to illness, annual leave and helping at Foster care. Due to this the board decided that HBC could appoint a new carer, that will also be trained to be a foster mother, so she can help at Foster care when needed. We are glad to introduce our new Carer. Her Name is Fransinah Mobona (38) and she was trained as an Auxiliary nurse. She started on the 22 of August, where she received in house training for 2 weeks. In September, she will go to Foster care to familiarise herself with their setup. Where upon they will organise her more formal training.

There were several highlights in the last couple of months. In June 4 of the carers went to Durban for the annual AIDS conference. They enjoyed it, and said it was a good learning experience. They gave in written report, but the verbal feedback was the most important because then we all can learn from them.

Two of the carer’s started with their driver’s licence, currently busy with driving lessons.

In July HBC received a generous donation of blankets and a bed, from the Celebration Church. The patients were indeed very happy. We thank our Heavenly Father for all the donation we receive.

Another one of our patients receives a special mention. Phillemon’s had a stomach ulcer that burst and he was admitted for an operation at the local hospital during which the inserted a stomach sac and was sent home. Phillemon was lost as to how to take care and clean this new stomach sac that was now attached to his body. Because of no cleaning the stomach sac caused an infection and Phillemon became progressively weaker. All he could do was to lay on his bed. He could not eat or walk any more. His future looked bleak.

Years ago, Phillemon’s mother received care from Khothatsong Home Based Care, and he remembered this. They came in search for us. Our team started daily visits, that included wound care, healthy food and of course visits by John Mahlangu. Phillemon Shabalala is noted in the home visit report for July:

“We visited this man to check him how she is doing in life. He was sleeping due to operation in the stomach. He is weak. He complains about the pain in the body. We encourage him to drink the medication every day. The man is not a church goer. Now he listen when we talk about God. We ask God to open her heart. We open our bible in the book of John 3: 14-16. I read for him after I explain and we end in prayer.”

Our carers came daily. Slowly Phillemon’s situation turned around. He gained strength, first by eating food from the box that the Home Based Care team provided. They made sure that his wound was cleaned daily. That he ate daily and after eating that he drank his medicine. During a recent visit Phillemon showed us how he walked with the crutch the Home Based Care team gave him. He could stand up straight. He shows the scars on his stomach and jokingly shows the safety pins that keep his oversized trousers up. A belt is still too painful to wear around the waist. His smile is wide, and he is full of praise for the work of the Khothatsong HBC team. We pray that in time he will be full of praise for our Heavenly Father who used our hands to heal him. Are you also remembering Phillemon in your prayers?