Home Based Care - Nov 2016

Post date: Jan 24, 2018 6:58:14 PM

Spring is in the air and the nights are getting warmer, thus our patients are more active and wake up earlier.

I was asked to fill in the volunteering post of nursing facilitator. It is not an easy task, but a task done out of love for God and a compassion for His children.

At present 80 patients are visited and nursed where necessary per month. It is sometimes a challenge to visit them all in one month, as the community is big and evergrowing, and the carers are walking from home to home. It is disheartening to see the increasing number of patients defaulting, not taking their ARV’s (HIV medications) as prescribed, which results in a low immunity and they are therefore more prone to illnesses. One of the many task of the carers are to ensure that the patients drink their medications, ensure that there are food in the house so that they can drink it, and go to their follow up visits to the clinic or Hospital.

The HBC see very poor patients. Some survive on the handouts from neighbours and the food parcels from HBC. We try to encourage patients to provide for themselves, by helping them with the paperwork for the government grands and transport to and from the grand offices. We also start vegetable gardens at their homes so that they can eat from the garden and sell off or exchange the excess. This gives back some of their dignity.

Also the support group that takes place every Wednesdays have completed several baby comforters that we donated to a Children’s home.

We at HBC would like to thank you and our Lord Almighty for your generosity throughout the years. This ensured us that we could replace our broken down car. We can again transport our most sick and immobile patients for their hospital and clinic visits.

We value your prayers for the workers and the volunteers that their devotion and love will continue for this work. Also for the patients, that they may continue theirtreatment and above all that they may devote their lives to Jesus and follow Him.