Home Based Care - April 2017

Post date: Jan 24, 2018 7:08:08 PM

The Khothatsong Home Base Nursing is situated in the area F4, F2 and Marikana informal settlement just east of Soshanguve in Gauteng. Two government clinics and a mobile clinic serve this area, but because of the vastness of this area, many patients don’t receive the needed aftercare while being treated by the clinics and government hospital. The HBC identifies these patients, and provide care as needed and as we are capable of.

Currently we have average of 100 patients on the books. Of these 100 patients, 84 are on HIV treatment, 5 are stroke patients and 3 are diabetic, with the 8 remaining having various illnesses. Unfortunately in the month of February 2 patients died. But also through the grace of God we could discharge a few patients, whom sufficiently recovered. The 7 carers, working in pairs, do about 200-250 home visits during a month. This depends on how many critical ill patients the HBC have, but the carers aim to for 5-7 home visits a day.

At the HBC office we have a vegetable garden to supply food for the needy patients. We praised the Lord for all the rain, but unfortunately all our newly planted vegetables drowned. We decided to launch a new project for the next few months to cover the vegetable garden with net, and make raised beds, so the plants can’t drown or be eaten by the birds. This project will be directed by John Mahlangu and Thabo Tsotetsi(the gardener), they will use the help of the local community and some of the persons attending the programmes.

The support group meets every Wednesday. This group is well attended by 8-10 elderly ladies of the community. At the moment they are sewing comforters for little children, these comforters are donated to children homes.

On Thursdays there is also a group of young men attending drug counselling group session with Mr John Mahlangu. Most of these young men are addicted to Nyaope. The attendance by the young men varies, but 4 boys attend the session every week. We can praise the Lord that one boy has been clean of drugs for several months. We ask your payers for these young boys, that they can give their lives to Jesus and abstain from using drugs. Also we ask for prayer for the families of these drug abusers, and that we find the boys in time to help them.

At the HBC we see a lot of struggle with health, depression and despair, but we are also grateful to see patients improve, recover and heal. We see an improvement, especially in our stroke patient, by simply exercising with them and give them aids to improve their muscle tone.

But with the caring of patients over a long period, the carers sometimes get emotionally attached to the patients, this usually becomes a problem when the patient take advantage of the situation, and become dependent and rely only on the HBC. Some of the patients refuse to go to the clinic if HBC doesn’t provide money for transport or transport with the HBC car, even if they are able to go on their own. This requires lots of counseling for the carers, and rotating of carers in different areas. In one of these cases was a lady with 2 little children, struggling with HIV and secondary infections, but she didn’t have any income, because she is an illegal immigrant. We provided food and transport to and from clinics and hospitals. At one point she refuses to take food from the local clinic, the food wasn’t up to her taste, but luckily one of our carer’s intervened. This let us to the conclusion that she doesn’t take responsibility for her own health and life, we did counseling and decided we need to put in certain boundaries. We can gladly say that she took on her responsibilities and her health is improving and she found some work.

We also have a young boy (age 11) that was born with HIV, in the last 6 month his health started to deteriorate and he developed a terrible skin disease. The local hospital gave him some ointment, but there was little improvement. With the help from one of our volunteer doctors, he received medicine and ointments, and we can gladly say that is skin lesions has improved dramatically and he is able to play again outside.

We ask special prayer for the patients that they will take responsibility of their health and that the Lord will bless the medical care that they receive. Also for all the employees of HBC, that they can do their work with empathy and bring the Lord’s word to the patients.

The Lord has blessed the HBC also with a local farmer providing vegetables every month for the patients in need of food.

We would like to thank you for your generosity throughout the year, and with your help we were able to provide food, transport and medicine for our patients. May the Lord bless you.