Happy days for Khothatsong Foster Care

Post date: Jan 24, 2018 6:51:35 PM

The Lord has blessed us with a new foster mother. Thoko is a well known as she has served with us frequently. Violet, another known face, has decided to join her.

Before they could start working, a lot of admin had to be done. They had to attend a course, obtain a declaration concerning behaviour, and declare that they had never been immoral. Furthermore, we had to employ another foster mother as well as five home carers to be available when needed.

We fostered relations with organisations working with children, who give them a place of safety. These places are families or homes where children, usually babies, are placed until they are taken into the foster care system or are adopted. It is heart wrenching to see how many babies wait for homes. Some babies are discarded by their mothers.

Two young boys, of 10 and 11 months, were placed in a foster care home on the 23rd of November 2015. They were initially taken to a place of safety, but ended up in Khothatsong. On their arrival, the second foster home was officially opened. Reverend Thabo Matlaela opened the event with a reading of Matthew 25 and a short speech. It was a privilege to, along with the social workers and visitors, pray and ask a blessing over the home.

The boys felt at home really quickly and are a joy to the mothers and other children in the home. All praise for our mothers Thoko, Agnes and Violet who give the children such love and care.

Last year, the children of the first home went on holiday. Someone made their site available and the accommodation was free. It was lovely to play and swim in the warm month of December. It was a highlight in these children’s lives.

Our 5 year old girl could also go to school with a taxi. Her eyes gleamed when she could wear her school uniform. We now have four school going children.

The foster care team wants to thank everyone who helped them in the past while. People have helped upkeep the home. They have made a beautiful murial in the baby room, donated baby clothes and furniture and the youth have come and done activities with our children. The mothers along with the children could participatein playgroups to teach the mothers how children are stimulated through play. Finally, we thank everyone who has thought of us with their financial donations.