Foster Care – a true home (Nov 2017)

Post date: Jan 24, 2018 7:18:14 PM

The Foster Care project entered a peaceful time. Both houses received a new name. House East is now named House Merake, this means ‘gather together’, like a farmer does with his sheep.

The names are not displayed on the outside of the house, because we do not want to mark the houses as orphanages. We want to create a new family with a mother, brothers and sisters. House Merake is full with 6 children: 4 daughters and 2 sons.

House West now House Lethabo, which means ‘brings happiness’. Our two baby boys have grown and are already 2 years old. We are hoping for a younger sibling soon.

The aim of Khothatsong is offer help to those that are suffering due to the HIV/Aids pandemic. There are babies that are left behind by their mothers who are unable to cope with their HIV status. These children are taken into care at places of safety who first try to find adoption parents and as a second option foster care. The latter is what we at Khothatsong assist with.

We have contact with several houses of safety. These organizations will first visit our foster homes before they consider placing children in our care. We have received very positive feedback from them about our houses and setup. The next step is then for the court to place children in our care. We are praying to receive another child or House Lethabo soon.

Tshwane Place of Safety (TPOS) surprised us with good news. One of our children is from Zimbabwe and has therefore not got an ID number. This has prohibited us from receiving the SASSA grant for this child. TPOS gave us the telephone number of where we could apply for an allowance for this child. It took a lot of time at the SASSA offices but eventually we succeeded to get a welfare grant for the Zimbabwean child. We are delighted that our prayers were answered. This means we can help children from other African countries with foster care in our homes.

The past year we had a lot of good memories from our holidays. During the Easter holiday the youth from the Free Reformed Church came to make beautiful paintings on the children’s bedroom walls. During the July winter holidays, the youth from the FRC came again to play sport, decorate cupcake, bake flapjacks and do scrapbooking with the children. A big surprise for us was a day outing to the Pretoria Botanical Gardens. The “Jeugsentrale” arranged the day, which our children thoroughly enjoyed.

At present it is the last bit of the school year. We are glad that the children’s reports have shown improvement during the year.

We look back on a good year. The Lord protected our children on the long way to school. The mothers and children are enjoying good health. There is love in the houses and the families care for one another. The children attend Christian schools where they learn to trust in God. He is the only light for their future.