Foster Care - Q2 2018

Post date: Jun 25, 2018 9:31:12 AM

The last part of 2017 had its ups and downs. The Foster Care mothers took their annual leave, which had a measurable impact on the children. Eggy Tala, the Foster Mother of House Merake, took her leave in October. Violet Pitse was the stand-in mother that took over Eggy’s duties and was looking after the children for a few weeks. The children felt the absence of their mother deeply and did not always react positively to Violet’s discipline. It is with great gratitude that we can thank the Social Worker of SAVF for her help and support during this time.

The foster mother of House Lethabo, Thoko Moshomane, took her leave in November. Again, her place was filled in by Violet. The two boys of house Lethabo is used to Violet and her stand-in time for Thoko really went well. The two boys, however, as expected, missed their mom very much and were sometimes found at the gate waiting for their mommy to come back. This is a clear sign that they are very attached to their foster mother and that they all feel part of one big family.

School progress

We have the privilege to send the children to well establish Christian schools where they receive proper education. The teachers of the schools also teach the children about God’s sovereignty and love and how to spread their lights as Christians. We are grateful to see and hear how the children grow in the fear of the Lord and to see how their love for Him and their peers grew throughout the year.

The children are in two different schools. The oldest three children are pupils of the Jabulane Christian Academy in Hammanskraal. It is quite a drive to and back from the school and this result in high transport costs as well as long school days for the children. We tried to apply at a Christian school closer to their home, but the school did not have place for our children and could therefore unfortunately not accommodate them.

The 3 younger children go to Tshwane Christian School. This school is 8 km from the houses. The Tshwane Christian School currently plan to construct a sport field on the school premises, which will enable the pupils of the school to take part in extra curriculum activities.

All six children passed their school year in 2017 with good grades. We thank the Lord for His blessings and grace that He stowed upon the children in the past year. We received some complaints from the schools that the children do not always attend to their homework. Eggy realise that it is her task as a mother to check the children’s diaries to make sure that they do all their homework in the afternoons after school. We are positive that she will set a good example this year.

Oratile had his first school day in January 2018. His sister, Lethabo is now in her second year of school. They love to play school-school in the afternoons when they are back at home. One of the children was diagnosed with weak back muscles, which cause concentration problems. She has to do exercises to help her strengthen the muscles. These exercises are done as a fun activity together with all the foster children.

We are happy to announce we received an SA Government Grant for the child with the Zimbabwean mother. In February 2018 the Magistrate decided to extent the Foster Care for the 2 boys for another 2 years.

School holidays

The South African Women's Federation (SAWF) together with Langenhoven High School arranged outings for the children during the December holidays. We received a donation specifically for the holiday activities and the seven week holiday was therefore packed with activities, including swimming lessons and water sports. Part of the donation was used to pay for the swimming lessons for the oldest four children. The younger children are now also more comfortable in and around water. We are fortunate to have a water resort approximately 1km from the foster houses, which made the travelling to and from the resort very easy. It is difficult to manage eight children all at once, especially at a water resort. We are therefore thankful that no one got hurt and that no unfortunate incidents happened during the visits there.

The neighbour of the foster homes surprised the children with a visit to the Liggiefees at the Jakaranda Kinderhuis in East Lynne. The enjoyed themselves immensely and we thank the neighbour for his kindness and love towards the children.


We want to thank the donators for the donation that enabled us to send the children on outings during the holidays. We would also like to thank the women from the churches in Australia, who made scarfs and caps as well as clothes for the children. We appreciate the effort and love that went into every stitch.