Foster care - April 2017

Post date: Jan 24, 2018 7:10:54 PM

The children in the Soshanguve houses are doing well. A little boy who lost his mother, has been taken into the eastern. This house is now fully occupied, and we hope the family can create a sense of unity for the children. Together they may experience God's guidance on the road to adulthood.

Early each day, the schoolchildren get ready for school. They have been using two types of transport since September. One car takes our three oldest children to Jabulane Christian Academy. We are thankful to have found a place for them there, as it is closer to home. All the children enjoy and like their schools. After supper they sing together, and teach each other their Psalm verses and Bible texts. Our new three year old boy eagerly participates.

But these children do more than academics. The holidays were most enjoyable. We went to Die Hoekie, where there was so much to enjoy. The rain had provided us beautiful surroundings. We saw mountains, and we hiked and swam. We were in awe of the world God created.

December is family-time. The children do not fall short of family! They are welcomed by family members of their foster mother – and with open arms. Thoko's two children bonded well with the males in her family.

We are thankful that our children are progressing well and are in good health. It saddens us that the government have retracted all their financial aid that they were giving to babies born to foreigners in our country. The mothers could be in such need, that she dumps the baby somewhere and leaves. The baby is placed in foster care, but doesn't get a birth certificate with an ID number. Without an ID number, they don't receive help from the government. Khothatsong needs to make a decision concerning the children that don't have South African citizenship. Do we help them financially? We pray that God will work in their hearts, and allow for the financing for the children (Currently R920.00 per month). This funding will continue until the child reaches adulthood, with annual increases determined by the government.

How terrible it is for a child to never know his parents or family. What a blessing it is that we may tell them that they are part of the larger family we have and know in Christ! God had his Son suffer for our sins; He died for them as well.

We want to extent our gratitude towards you all who have supported us in prayer, gifts and donations and help. Our prayer is that these children grow in their knowledge of Christ, and will shine their light in the world, as adult members of the church. We pray that caring people will help and support us with financing of these children.