Foster care - 2016 (2)

Post date: Jan 24, 2018 6:54:26 PM

The political unrest before the general elections did not go unnoticed for our mothers and children in the fostercare homes. Our houses are near a shopping center and the violence in the streets and in the center continued for days. The shops were closed, but were robbed completely empty by the rioters.

God provides!

It is not an easy task to keep the children behind locked doors for 4 days. Shortly before this, Unathi, our CEO, brought in a chef to teach the mothers, specifically how to bake bread. What a blessing! There was enough to eat and the children helped to bake bread and did chores around the house. Mother Thoko got some help with the little ones and the had fun playing. What a relief when the shops received new stock at the end of May.

Everything returned back to normal. At least, that’s what we thought. The 4 kids attend a school in Hammanskraal during the week. Suddenly we encountered blackmail and striking from the taxi driver that takes our children to school. Again, the kids were stuck at home. It was a very big relief when a mother, who also has a child in the school, offered to transport our kids in the future. She saw an opportunity for business and we are very glad about it. The children also enjoy it, because she is willing to wait for after-school activities (like sport).

Konnie Peet from the CRWRF in Canada visited our projects from 3 to 8 August and on the Monday the 8th of August, it was Fostercare’s turn. It was a school holiday, so we prepared an enjoyable day for the children. A young member of the Pretoria church offered to help and the offer of help was welcomed with such a large bunch of children. Everyone worked together to make a tablecloth for mother Agnes. We taught them material painting. When mother Agnes works all the pieces together, it makes a beautiful tablecloth. There is a lot of talent.

When Konnie produced a number of balls, the children could not be stopped. They played a game that looked like cricket. Very original and they all participated.The little ones were not left behind. They enjoyed themselves. Everyone got the opportunity to take a picture with “Moo”. Moo is Konnie’s traveling partner. Every day, a picture is taken of Moo’s travels. With a delicious meal and dessert prepared by Agnes, we ended the day.

Sunday, we attended a lovely church service in F4.

Our thanks go out to everyone that helps with the maintenance of our homes and the equipment. Also, for all the gifts of clothes and toys. Without your financialcontributions none of this would have been possible.

Our biggest thanks go to the Lord, who gives the strength to our mothers and volunteers to raise the children to glorify his Name.