Foster care

The Foster Care Board operates under responsibility of Khothatsong. Our aim is to reach out to orphans infected and/or affected by the HIV-AIDS pandemic. South Africa has a number of orphans counting in the millions. Although we are small, we believe that every drop helps to fill the bucket. Therefore we reach out in our area to those orphaned, often being taken ill care of by family members or older siblings, or even worse: by no one. We do this in obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ: “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:40). Just as Jesus showed his love to the children, so we want to love them. We strive to grant them opportunities in life to enjoy parental care and family life, schooling, friends, education, and above all a relationship with their Creator and Saviour.

The Foster Care Board works in close cooperation with other welfare organisations, like the South African Women Association, Tshwane Place of Safety Association and the like.

In 2011 our first two foster care houses were built in Soshanguve block VV. In 2012 foster parents were trained and the first children were placed in these houses. In 2013 we hope to continue to place more children. Please continue to pray for the Lord’s blessing on this project, and please continue to support it financially. It is a long term project, and many more funds are needed.

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