Words of Thanks - 2016(1)

Post date: Jan 24, 2018 6:52:48 PM

The shop, Fruit and Veg, has donated 45 food parcels to patients and carers. Those who have enough does not always realise what big difference only one food parcel can make in the lives of disadvantaged people. Thank you!

We also want to thank Baobab, who gave us two luxury buses at a reduced rate to transport the youths to the awareness camp.

The knitting group from Australia has made two more beautiful blankets. They are lovely and colourful. Thank you for your efforts, sisters from overseas. Our thanks also to those who brought the blankets to South Africa. It is wonderful that we are united by our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and that He works in our hearts to look after each other.

We have received a lot of eggs and lemons. This is a tremendous benefit to the two foster care homes and the home based care patients. Thank you!

We are still receiving clothes, bags, toiletries and toys that can be used by all our projects. Heartfelt thanks to all our donors.

We also want to thank all our loyal donors who continue to contribute financially. In the recent months there have also been a number of anonymous donations. Thank you for the gift!

We want to thank De Verre Naasten, who has been supporting us financially for many years. Two representatives of the organisation has recently visited our projects. Thank you for your encouraging words.

The Canadian Reformed World Relief Foundation, who has been supporting us the longest, now also wants to give more money and also an extra amount specifically for the foster care project. We are very glad and want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Our biggest supporter is our Father in Heaven. Thank You! You give us what we need in your time. Sometimes we go through tough times, but You always encourage us again. Father, give us a new CEO, that can continue the work of Khothatsong. We know that without your faithful Father Care, we will not be ableto do this work. To You all praise and honour.


The Lord has answered our prayers and provided us with a CEO, Unathi Magase. She commenced with her duties on 1 May 2016. We look forward to introducing her to you in the next newsletter.