Administration - 2016 (1)

Post date: Jan 24, 2018 6:47:46 PM

The newest addition to Khothatsong is Tineke Kerkhoff, who will be taking up the nursing duties. She frequently visits patients and supervises the team of home based care workers. Tineke, welcome, and we are very glad that you have responded to this call.

We are looking for a CEO again. With sadness, we inform you that Riesl Spies has resigned after a short but fruitful period of involvement with Khothatsong, because of personal reason. We want to thank Riesl for her contributions to Khothatsong.

Sietze Snijder has taken over the financial management of Khothatsong from Marjan Bijker. Marjan has retired after many years of involvement with Khothatsong. Marjan, thank you very much for your dedication and faultless management of Khothatsong’s finances. Sietze, welcome, to the Khothatsong team. Right from the start you showed enthusiastic commitment, including at your first monthly board meeting and the missionary afternoon on 6 March.

Janet Pouwels and Elsabé Ros have also been involved with the board meetings of Khothatsong for about 6 months, coming from the church youth. On behalf of the youth, they have added a lot of value to the meetings. Although Janet is involved as the youth representative and Elsabé as IT help, they are both part of the strategic planning of Khothatsong.